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Want to play the role of the detected protagonist to search for the brutal killer of your beloved wife and daughter?

Want to congratulate you as you have stumbled upon one of the horrors and detective-based simulation games named “Endless nightmare mod apk”.

The game is full of horror and adventure scenes that don’t let you feel bored during the entire game experience.

Hmm, want to know more?

Then read on!

App NameEndless Nightmare Mod Apk
PublisherApk Mod
GenreHorror Games
Size256 M
Mod infoVIP Unlocked

Mod Features

  • Mod menu
  • Weird hospital
  • Unlimited everything
  • Shrine mod download
  • Free Android Download
  • No ads 

The storyline of Endless nightmare mod apk

In this game, you will play the role of a police officer_ William Doughlas. He is a very intelligent police officer with a sharp eye for everything.

One day, he was doing duty near his house when suddenly he heard the painful cry of his wife and daughter. When he stepped into his house, he found his daughter and wife had been killed by a cruel creature.

He found himself very agitated but decided to catch the killer, punish him and make him an example for the world.

During his search for evidence, he found that scary things were happening in his house. And this is the place where he finds himself in a scary endless nightmare.

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Find the mystery

You will search for evidence in other places as well as in your house. During searching for evidence, the system will constantly give you hints to come up with a solution. At the very first mission, you will be directed to a bedroom present on the third floor of the house. There you will find a piece of newspaper, Lisa’s pictures, and texts from strangers.

Surprisingly, you will find a divorce note from William’s wife which shows that they had a recent argument about their marriage.

Endless Nightmare Mod Apk


You will find that you are not alone in this house but many demons and beasts are also present. You will find constant mysterious things happening in the house.

You have to overcome your fear to collect evidence.

To unravel the truth about your daughter and wife, you must avoid these demons while passing through different corridors.

 The genomic features make the game’s difficulty very high. It implies that you have to collect clues without wasting an extra second.

You will observe different activities of demons through the slit. The wardrobe is the safest, where you can hide from dangerous demons.

Don’t play_ if you don’t resist the horror

After loading the game, the game displays a disclaimer that faint-hearted people stay away from the game.

The game features a number of horror creatures and especially scenes that make a person sweat with horror.

Play it only if you can withstand the ultimate horror.

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Come up with a result

The clues and evidence that you have collected in your backpacking, need to be organized for the final result.

Check all the evidence as they will lead you to the brutal killer.

I know you are really eager to know about the killer_but we are keeping it secret_downliad the game and get to know about the murderer.

Extremely evil to withstand with

 During your struggle to find the killer of your wife, you will find that your house contains many monsters and beasts. They will make terrible and horrifying sounds and we’ll make you frightened. The monsters are not weak and have all the potential to kill you. For this purpose, you need to be careful and should take all these decisions with great care first job you will go through many challenges and well funded who is the killer.

The game contains many different settings and levels post op each level greatly differs from the other in terms of team and the story. There are various puzzles that you have to solve to reach the final decision. And the way of your struggle, you will fight against the humans who are against you and will also keep a sharp eye on the beast and the monsters; otherwise, they will sabotage you and you will end up in failure. Make sure that you earn good money and score well on the board, otherwise, you will be unable to level up to the next level and will also be unable to fight against the horror creatures.

how to  download and install Endless Nightmare

How to download and install Endless Nightmare Mod Apk

To download the latest version of the game

Please stick to the following essential steps.

  • Allow unknown sources from the mobile security menu, to allow them to access your PC or mobile.
  • Download the Endless nightmare Apk Mod from the link we have provided you in the article
  • Locate the downloaded apk file of the game in the download folder of the mobile manager 
  • Click on the file to begin the process of installation
  • Impressed! You are all reading to enjoy the endless nightmare.


  • The difficulty level is very high, and that greatly attracts adventure lovers.
  • The game graphics and sounds make the game scarier and horror
  • You can effortlessly control each action and movement in the game
  • Download and installation of the game is just beyond a click
  • Different levels were added for more pleasure and excitement.


  • For children, it is not a safe game
  • A bit bulkier for low-storage PC and mobile 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of the Endless nightmare?

The latest version of the game is v1.2.9.

What is the genre of the game?

The genre of the game is horror.

Let’s sum up

Endless nightmare mod is a horror and adventure game that is jam-packed with exciting features. If you are brave enough to withstand the horror voices of witches, that is the best pick for you. The game tests your courage and bravery.

We are damn sure that you will be unable to quit it after playing it 2 to 3 times.

Folks! Go enjoy the horror world with courage and a strong heart.


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