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Granny Mod Apk 2024 (Unlimited, Money for Android)

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Granny mod apk is a simulation arcade game based on a horror theme. This breathtaking game is flooded with difficult tasks and challenges that you have to fulfill to escape from the terrible house and the zombie monster.

App NameGranny Mod Mod Apk
PublisherApk Mod
Size127 MB
Mod infoUnlimited / Money

Granny Mod Apk

Overview of the Granny Mod Apk game

Oops! On the very first day, you will be in a granny house that has a dangerous and frightening atmosphere. Close everything, try to keep silent, and also be careful with things because if the granny notices you, she will come behind you, and that will be your end.

You will thrive hard to cross every obstacle in the dangerous and terrible house to survive and become successful. The game is free of cost with cool graphics that lead to extra user satisfaction.

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Use different strategies and items to escape

Be smart and use different strategies and items to escape from the house in 5 days. The items include a crossbow, gun, and planks of the gun to kill the granny. The house has 2 attic areas and 5 stories. The player can only escape if he does some hard work like cleaning and repairing cars which require an engine, battery plugs an oil pump, and most importantly gasoline.

The player may injure himself by falling from the floor and into the attic by a woolly spider.

If the dangerous granny got victorious in apprehending you, she would target you with a baseball. That is your end, and your current day will finish.

Discover every corner of the devastating house to uncover all the mysteries and secrets.

Different rooms to hide in

There are different rooms in the game in which you can hide from zombie monsters. All time you will feel that the whole house is against you but keep patience and stay focused to escape from the house.

If you failed to escape, you would remain trapped in the house forever. And no one likes prison, right? So give your best performance to escape the house and take a breath in mother nature.

How to fight with granny

Many defensive actions can save the player from the torment of granny. Some of them include: compelling her to walk on ice, trapping them for some time in a sauna, targeting her with a shotgun, and many more. Make sure that your body is covered all the time to avoid mishappenings.

Best 3D graphics ever

 According to the game’s theme, it is designed with horror graphics in which everything is very dark. The dark colors create a frightening scene that intensifies the horror effect of the game. Every scene of the game will bring you a horror sensation, and you will really find yourself in a tight spot. The graphics are designed in an HD manner with 3D quality in which everything is very clear and, at the same time, very dark. The graphics reflect the immense creativity and hard work of the graphics team. They had put their best potential into coming up with something that had never been released.

 What is special in the modded version?

Nowadays, many people are inclined towards the modded version rather than the original version. The reason for this change is they’re in the modded version, the player will find all the things already unlocked, and if not all the things are under, most of them will be accessible to them. moreover, they can play whatever level they want to play. There are 90% no restrictions upon the player; he is free and whatever he wants.

If you want to enjoy such a scenario, then a remodeled region is the right pick for you because, in this version, you don’t need to go into excessive struggle. The features which are more demanding in the modded version of this arcade game include unlimited money, unlimited gems, unlimited everything, unlimited damage, unlimited everything, free shopping, free from advertisement, and many more.

how to download and install Granny Mod Apk

Steps to download

To download the game for your PC or on your mobile phone, follow the following steps

  • Enable unknown sources in your mobile security setting so that unknown sources may get access to your mobile and PC.
  • Download the Granny 3 mod menu from our website
  • After downloading, open download, tap yes on the prompted yes option by tapping on the APK file.
  • The APK will begin installing on your device. Done.

Granny Mod Apk

Game features

Some of the main game features include:

  • Easy and attractive gameplay
  • Unique and 3D graphics
  • 5 days to escape from the home
  • Also can play as  granny
  • Multiple game modes. The nightmare mode among them is the most fascinating and horrible one
  • The game is of short length due to which many players like it.

Mod features

  • Unlimited everything
  • Mod menu null zerep
  • 1.5 outwitt
  • Invisible 1.3.2 download
  • Hack outwitt
  • Unlimited health
  • Mod menu
  • Unlimited ammo
  • 3 mod menu 
  • Frozen enemies 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of the Granny Mod Apk?

The new version of the game is v1.8.1.

What is the size of the game?

The size of the game is 99.9 MB.

What is the genre of granny mod apk?

The genre of the game is arcade.

What are the good features of the new version of the game?

The good features of the new version of the game include Unlimited everything, Mod menu null , 1.5 outwitt, Invisible 1.3.2 download, Hack outwitt, Unlimited health, Mod menu, Unlimited ammo, 3 mod menu  and Frozen enemies.

Let’s sum up

If you’re a fan of horror and thrilling games, this granny is the best option for you. The game is full of terrible scenes and a horrible black environment that keeps the player engaged in the game.

You will feel that you are hiding from a real zombie monster that is thirsty for your blood.


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