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Do you want to immerse yourself in the Journeys interactive series Recipe of love, and want to get access to journeys to hack? without human verification? Then Journeys mod apk

is the right pick for you. This simulation game is one of the most famous games which is studded with unlimited exciting features, which are rare in other simulation games.

App NameJourneys Mod Apk
PublisherApk Mod
GenreSimulation Game
Size133 MB
Mod infoFree Premium Choices

Mod Features

  • Mod menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Game mods 
  • Free Premium choices
  • Free download android
  • Unlimited everything
  • No ads
  • Free shopping
  • Unlimited gems and tickets


The Journeys is actually a romantic stories oriented game which feature diversified concepts and stories. This enchanting simulation will take you to a different world, where you can build realtion with member of people. You are totally free that waht type of realtion you want to build with them. In the game, the palyer is both director and actor. You are going to direct and act in every situation to progress in the story.

The end of the story is dictated by your choices exclusively. There are 3 types of stories from which you can choose. These stories are dramtic, romantic and mysterios love story. Choose the one which best fascinates you

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Journeys Mod Apk

Customize Your Look

The game offers you unlimited outfits to select from. These outfit types include from chef to prom. Before embarking into the journey, it is compulsary to create your personal brand. Because an attractive avatar play a key role during the course of the game. Be smart and choose a good avatar according to the situation and event. At the beginning of the game, you might feel a bit confusing and reluctant but as you will level up, you will master each situation

Compete for Gorgeous girl

There is a girl in the game who is a chef in restaurant in New York. Your opponent in the game is none other than but your brother. You will compete with him wisely to win the heart of that talented, young, and beautiful lady. Always try to be nice to her as this will greatly help you to bow down her before you. Help her in decoration cake, teach her how to cook delicious noodles and many more to enter into a romantic relation with her.

Competition For singer love

A female singer has arrived in New York for a concert. She is very adventurous, lovely and beautiful and every one wants to be her lover. The palyer task is to win her taak ansto build a romantic realtion with her.

Rejecting your Lover

The game is very difficult and is just like a rolling stone. The story begins when your future husband left you on the wedding day leaving no traces behind. This will make you shake and will force wypu to fell into a depression. After some time you may find him in arich condition. At this stage, he is a boyfriend to your boss where you are working. Will you leave him aor will make him pay for his betrayal.

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Are you not successful enough?

The subsequent events will peogpinsly effect the life of the player. Vampyra is a beautiful and young girl who is really inclined to earn a big name as a writer. But unfortunately she failed. She is really down but as we all know that destiny is unpredictable and one can’t predict it. Her Fatr will take her to an unbelievable world where she can enjoy her life to the fullest.

Be a  Lover To Raptor

After becoming a successful actress, and you choose the story of princes by accident then you will come to know about a muscualr racer. After seeing him, you will really fall for hima ND will have utmost urge to be agolirlfriend to her.

Many exciting and interesting  levels were explore

 And this exciting, and fascinating game you are going to discovered the most exciting levels.  Really ever will bring you different level of difficulty and also a different challenge which you will solve with creativity and intelligence. At the initial levels you will not feel many difficulties but as you will level up to the more exciting levels, you have to face more challenges which are  not an easy task. The game is extremely challenging and you will face many hurdles during the entire game player. Only a gamer with good intelligence and creativity can develop to the upper levels.

Add the first experience, you will face many problems in understanding the gameplay and other scenarios in the game but after a certain exposure, you will find it very interesting and fascinating to discover. Here we also want to mention that now others people are more towards the modern version rather than the original version because in the modern version you will find extremely exciting features which are already unlocked.

While in the original version, they are beloved which demands for greater time and energy to unlock them. We also want to mention about this feature. These features include, free download for Android and iOS, no ads, free shopping, free purchase, unlimited everything, unlock all and many more. Download this exciting and fascinating game right now ensure the people that you are one of the best game out of this part.

How to download and install Journeys

Download and Installation of journeys mod apk 2024:

One should follow the following guide while downloading and installing the latest version of journeys in 2024

  • Your device must be connected to the unknown sources
  • It any old version of the journeys mod

is present, first, uninstall that

Click on the active link, to download the apk file to the download system

Click on the APK file to allow the installer system to install the game won your iOS or android

You are all ready to play this multi-fun game on your PC or mobile 


Journeys Mod Apk

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