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Kingdom Guard Mod Apk is one of the best strategy games in the world, full of exciting features and challenging twists and turns. In this game, you will play the role of a saviour who will protect the dragon’s eggs from saving the kingdom from brutal enemies.

App NameKingdom Guard Mod Apk
PublisherApk Mod
GenreStrategy Games
Mod infoUnlimited Money
4 M Download

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Introduction of Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

You will protect your kingdom from brutal enemies by hiring and training unlimited soldiers. Your enemies will try their level best to vanish you but stay strong and prevent them from doing so. You will get access to modern equipment and will participate in crucial battles.


The storyline of the game is very engaging and exciting. A titan attacks the world, and his mother’s ambition is to put an end to humanity. There is just one legendary egg left. For survival, protecting that historical dragon egg from its opponents is important.

The whole war revolves around this egg.
After finding the egg, keeping it out of sight of enemies is crucial. For this purpose, the player will train soldiers and group them into troops. Training should be upto the mark; otherwise, they will be unable to resist. With each level, the problematic level changes. To tackle the varied difficulty level, it is important to upgrade the troops’ power constantly.

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The strategic blend of defense towers and Soldiers

For effective strategy and tackling enemies, the game provides an opportunity to eliminate boredom. The soldiers are under your control, and it is upon you how you utilize their potential and powers. Keep in mind that strategy is a crucial aspect of the game. Gamers with a loss strategy will always lose the game. All soldiers vary from one another in terms of power and strength. It means that you can’t employ every soldier for a single purpose.
For safeguard and protection against enemies, built different towers. These towers will help the soldiers shield themselves and stand there to target the enemies.

Kingdom Guard Mod Apk

Recruit Heroes

To sabotage your enemies, the game offers to summon up 16 heroes. These heroes have different specialties. You can choose, customize and guide them according to the needs of the strategy.
Some heroes in the game are unlocked.

To unlock them, it is essential to have unlimited money. But this is the requirement in the original game you download from the Google play store. But in the mode version, all features are already unlocked, and you don’t need to struggle to unlock heroes.

Protect Your Territory

Brutal enemies destroy the area in which you are thriving hard to survive. Only one dragon egg is left. You have to protect that egg from putting an end to the brutality of the opponents. Take different measures to limit and sabotage the enemies.

Play it both online and offline

 If you don’t have Internet connectivity all the time and don’t want to indulge yourself in money. Then this is the best option for you because this game can be played online and offline. In the offline mode, you don’t need to have any access to Internet connectivity. In the offline mode, you can play it peacefully, and we’ll have a good time without being disturbed by anyone.

Graphics and Sound

 We all know their strategy games have dull graphics. But this is not the case with this exciting strategy game. It differs from other strategy games partially or entirely based on history. This is a fantasy game with good graphics and everything is unlocked

The colors used in the graphics are vibrant, which keeps the play refreshed while the sounds are also very high quality, which makes sure that the player doesn’t get bored of the game full store.

How to Install and Download Kingdom Guard

Download And Installation of Kingdom Guard apk mod

To download the latest version of the game 2024 free shopping, follow the following steps.
Uninstall the old version and allow the known sources to access your device
Click on the given link to free download the APK file.
Click on the file to install the game on your device
Play it

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unique features of the modded version of Kingdom Gaurd?

The special features of the modded version of the game are Weak Waves, One hit, unlimited money and gems, One hit, Minimum enemies, Free download on android and iOS, and Free purchase.

What is the latest version of Kingdom Guard?

The new version of the game is v1.0.394.


In this exciting strategy game, you will protect the dragon’s egg. This is the only egregious left and is important for the Dragons’ survival. Many enemies are looking for it, but you are the only owner. Your opponents are trying to get it from you to cause unlimited damage to the world. They will take you with a heavy army loaded with equipment.

The army is not only from one nation but a total sum of our museums are taken upon you. You are mental in the game to protect the egg and make sure that the dragon’s next generation starts in a world full of this fantasy game which is much different from other strategy games, which are mainly based on history or closely related events to reality.

The game brings you limited pleasure by immersing you in adventure and challenging battles. Before entering a better environment, ensure that you have the proper equipment and soldiers who are trained efficiently. The publishers ensure that the game can be played online and offline. It implies that you don’t need to worry about Internet connection all the time, and if you want to play the game underline gamers and want to have online friends, then enter into the online multiplayer mode.

With different graphics and exciting gameplay, the game is giving tough competition to other strategy games. Download the game, enjoy the exciting thrill, and show your opponents that you are the only honor and savior of the dragon’s egg.


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