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If you are playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod apk, Poppy Playtime download apk, and Kim Kardashian Hollywood mod apk, it’s time to play the Adventurous game the  Lost in Blue mod apk. The game features a brand-new approach to survival. You take on the role of a character in the game, and your goal is to survive by yourself on an unfamiliar island.

The Lost in Blue mod apk free craft is full of adventures that will drive you to a fantasy world where you have to face the opponents several times and in several fights to be first on the championship board.

Your curiosity is increasing!

To know more, read on

App NameLost in Blue
PublisherVolcano Force
Size1 GB
Mod infoMega Menu,


One of the best and most well-liked genres nowadays is survival. Given that there are so many of these games available today, we can enjoy a good number of them. In addition, these games are well-liked since they let you enjoy a 3-dimensional graphics game with exploration.

The game is one of them.

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Lost in blue Mod Apk

Main specifications

After suffering an airplane accident, you must gather materials to make tools and weapons, build settlements and residences, and build defenses against the island’s unique elements. 

Game 3D Graphics

The 3-D visuals of the LOST in Blue APK mod 10 should be quite striking. Each person moves in a rhythm that is distinctive to them. The conflicts are brief, breathtaking, and incredibly wise.

Well, speaking of beauty, the setting for the entire event should be the deserted island. You can explore various nooks and crannies, like the interior of the forest, the mountain, the entire depths of the sea, and even the underground. Every region’s sights are detailed with realistic 3-dimensional graphics, and they are lively.

Well-created music sound

The music has good music that keeps the morale of the players high throughout the entire game. The different quality of music gives new life to the game experience.

The storyline of the game

Players are drawn to the lost in Blue Island mod apk by its captivating plot, which focuses on battle. The activity occurs as the person is traveling through the water and suffers an engine mishap. They have arrived in a barren, isolated, foreign, and unpopulated area.

By building weapons, and fighting tools, searching for food, raising livestock, growing crops, and finding a method to return to the continent, players must unravel all the puzzles of these islands.

The game needs careful consideration and strategy to advance. Players must use their time and resources wisely and plan ahead for the steps they will need to take to succeed. This could be challenging, particularly when money is scarce.

Lost in blue game


A horrific plane catastrophe occurs in the game. You are the lone survivor. At the start of the game, you have to choose a partner for yourself whether male or female. 

You realize you are in a vulnerable situation when you wake up after being knocked unconscious in a collision. You then immediately begin a real battle for survival. You’ll start seeking water, bandaging injuries on your body, and finding medical supplies for wounds. Additionally, coconuts are common and can temporarily quench a person’s thirst and hunger. You carry on stumbling along when all of a sudden you come across a female who appears to be the other victim on the same flight. But oddly, she is attacking someone else.

She is not the only one, though. There is a horde of zombies moving quickly. You missed one in the back while bewildered. The screen changed to the aiming mode just as you are about to declare it over, and a bang followed. It transpires that a girl named Jane is also present on this island. She and her kid were also stranded there, 

They made it through the day and constructed a shelter and an electric fence around the home to protect it from their zombie foes and other bizarre creatures on the island. But everything was obliterated in a split second by the plane disaster. The same plane crash from which you suffered.

The fence made of electrical wire is currently the most urgent thing that needs to be fixed because, without it, zombies will flood in and at night, there will be 2001 things all around them waiting to kill them at any moment.

You, Jane, and Jane’s daughter will all manage to survive on the isolated island once you have a grasp of the situation. The real struggle for survival and adventure starts at this point.

Protect your loved ones

In this game, you will also protect your loved ones and friends from zombies and take them to the safest place.

Countless money

But with the correct tools, you may gain infinite money in LOST in Blue all unlocked and significantly simplify the game. This post will demonstrate how to accomplish it. For all the information, read on!

Multiplayer mod

The attraction of survival increases as more of your friends sign up. Make a waiting area or room and invite your buddies in. You and they are free to decide on the character and begin developing it. Keep in mind that the challenge will rise higher based on the population. Make rapid, constructive adjustments to reach new heights. Your ability to collaborate with others will grow. Enjoy yourself even more with this superb LOST in the Blue mod apk.

How to download and install Lost in blue

Installation of the Lost in blue Mod Apk

The Game file needs to be downloaded and installed on your smartphone before anything else. 


First, go to security settings and enable unknown sources to access your device. Uninstall the 1.58. 8 version if it is downloaded on your mobile.


Now, click on the downloading button given and your download will be started. Wait and let the download be finished.


After downloading, navigate to file manager and tape on the downloaded file to start the installation process


After the installation’s end, an icon on the screen of the game. Click on that and start playing. watch the video below

YouTube video

Mod Features

  • Unlimited money free download 2024
  • Platinmods
  • Mod menu
  • Map speed
  • free shopping

Pros of the game

  • Easy to play
  • Easy buttons to control
  • Multiple game mod
  • You can play it with friends 
  • Encouraging music sound

Cons of the game

  • Sometimes the game stuck
  • The game is a little hard for some players

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the game?

The size of the lost in  Blue is 1 GB.

What is the latest version of the game?

The latest version is v1.172.0

Who is the genre of the game?

The genre of the game is an adventure.

Is it safe to download the game from a third-party website other than the Play Store?

Yes, it is safe to download the game from a third-party website other than the Play Store.


So what are you waiting for, go and download the Lost in Blue? The game has all exciting features that will satisfy your thirst for adventures and start using a free craft.

Due to its distinguished features, the game has millions of downloads and thousands of active gamers.

Download it now and have fun!


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