Max Payne Apk 1.7 For Android

Introduction of the game

The max Payne apk is already a big success in the arcade gaming world. The game is developed by Rockstar Games for tablets and mobile smartphones. The game is free to download. In this game, you will go through a detailed story that is full of stunning levels as well as many other game stand-out features.

The most prominent and liked feature of the game is that you can slow down the time while jumping. This feature makes it very hard for the player to smash his opponents. The game also features excellent optimization options. In the latest version, the developers added more unique features that are not present in the old version.

App NameMax Payne Mod Apk
PublisherRockstar Game
Size10 M
Mod infoUnlocked
Get download 12

A large number of fans have been won over by the popular third-person action game Max Payne, which now has a mobile edition called Max Payne Mobile. The game is a flawless replica of the original, with the same gripping plot and rich backstory, innovative game mechanics, intense gameplay, and excellent visuals and textures. The touchscreen screens’ customized control system is the only distinction. The project will be enjoyable for all shooter enthusiasts and will fill their leisure time.


The user will assume the role of a police officer in the android game. For many years, the main character worked covertly while completing extremely challenging duties. He is now being charged with murder, but there was a setup. Max must stay free in order to establish his innocence and exact justice. He is so compelled to run away. Exciting journeys are in store for the former agent. Because he can provide evidence against the bandits, they will plan a real hunt for him. A suspect in a particularly serious crime is also the target of the police investigation.

There are numerous missions of varying difficulties spread across the project’s three chapters. The player will need excellent reaction time, endurance, dexterity, and the capacity for concentration to complete them. In addition to baseball bats, he will also be able to use shotguns, rifles, machine guns, pistols, and other weapons.

He will have to move through exquisitely designed environments and engage in breathtaking gunfights with foes. Additionally, he must question witnesses, hunt down leads, and establish his innocence. However, the appearance in the city of a strange drug that the thieves intend to use to make a significant profit has complicated the situation. To get rid of the bothersome policeman, they will stop at nothing.

Max Payne Apk

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The game story of Max Payne revolves around a police officer who is wrongly accused of someone’s murder. The protagonist named Max, of the game, is a much-wanted person by the police. To prove himself innocent he decided to solve this murder mystery on his own.

Max and their very uncertain and helpless situation will run from his colleagues and another police officer to protect himself. While constantly looking for evidence and data, unexpectedly or maybe unfortunately he meets up with the people who are the ones who shed his family’s blood.

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Features of the game

  • Interesting storyline
  • The control buttons are difficult to use
  • Addictive characters
  • Excellent graphics and fantastic resolution
  • Good dynamics of Hong Kong and the environment of noir action films.
  • Slow Motion feature
  • Multiple modes
  • Control different actions 
  • Variable target modes
updated version

How to download and install max payne apk?

Download the game for PC and on your mobile follow the following steps to avoid any type of Miss happenings

  • Download the game on your PC and mobile. Your Android version must be 6.0 or up with 1 GB RAM. Moreover, the space on your device must be greater than 3 GB and an internet connection is compulsory but after the game download, it is not necessary
  • To download the max Payne, click on the active link present in the article.
  • Once done with the download process then navigate to Mobile Manager and click on the file to begin your installation process
  • For the installation process to begin, make sure that the third-party sources have access to your mobile otherwise you will be unable to install the game on your mobile.
  • You are on the right way now close this tape and navigate back to your mobile home screen as there is already present an icon for the downloaded game
  • There you are done with the whole process now just click on the icon and proof yourself.

Requirements for download and compatible versions

  • Marshmallow is compatible with Android 6.0
  • Lollipop is compatible with Android 5.0
  • Cream Sandwich is compatible with Android 4.0 ice
  • 1GB RAM is required
  • The game was tested on Samsung S7, S6 S5 S4, and with Samsung Note 4 note and 5.
  • Honeycomb is compatible with Android 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2.
  • Kit Kat is compatible with Android 4.4
  • Jelly Bean is comfortable with Android 4.1


  • The game is beautifully designed and created
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Easy to download on any device
  • The game runs smoothly and has no hanging during the running of the game.


  • The game is bulkier as it consumes more than 3 GB of space on your mobile
  • You cannot control every action easily as the gameplay is a little complicated

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of the game?

The latest version of the game is 1.7.

Who is the developer of the game?

The developer of the game is Rockstar Games.

What is the genre of the game?

The genre of the game is arcade.

Let’s sum up

The Max Payne is one of the leading names in the gaming world that is played by many active players daily. The game is full of suspense and uncertain and shocking twists and turns that make the game even more challenging.

If you want to enjoy these endless challenges then you must play this thrilling game.

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