Merge Dragons Mod Apk 9.6.2 (Free Shopping)

Want to experience a puzzle game that is full of magnificent, gigantic, and mysterious dragons and cunning zombies? Are you unable to find one for yourself?

No need for more worries as you are hanging around the right page. We have reviewed one of the most famous puzzle games named Merge Dragons mod apk. With beautiful graphics, enchanting music, easy gameplay, and a unique storyline, it grabs the attention of the gamer through the entire game experience.

Interesting right? Read on to explore more.

App NameMerge Dragons Apk Mod
PublisherApk Mod
GenrePuzzle Games
Size143 M
Mod infoFree Shopping
Get download 12

Mod Features

  • Mod menu
  • Hack version
  • Mod premium land
  • Free shopping
  • No ads
  • Unlimited found, gems
  • Unlimited everything
  • All features unlocked

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You can witness the magical tribe dooms story under beautiful clouds in an enchanting garden. You have to rebuild and enhance the beauty of the place for innocent dragons which are restricted by horrible zombies. You will face various hurdles and obstacles along the way, but you need to be courageous and intelligent to overcome them.For the creation of shades, the player will collect 500 different items and have to combine them creatively and effectively. There are wounds of challenges to face. Eventually, the game offers a free hand to move the blocks. You can explore unlimited customization options to upgrade your environment.

In each stage of the game, the player will face the Statue of Gaia_ which is full of mystery. Combine unlimited things in a unique way to come up with something new and appealing. The game offers 900 different levels to check your nerves. Moreover, you can check your quickness by getting into various puzzles.

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Merge Dragons apk All features unlocked

Assemble A Magic Empire

Try to build magic camps quickly as soon as possible. Carefully, calculate your capital for effective construction. This is a challenging task, as the evil forces will try their level best to ruin your hard work. Stay consistent and tackle them effectively. Unleash all the effective things and build a beautiful garden for dragons.

Carefully look at the devastating debris, there you will find dragon eggs. Collect them, and harvest them in a lab. After some time you will witness the birth of many cutest dragons. There are about 37 species of dragons present in the Merge Dragons. These dragons will help humans in fighting and harvesting in the near future.

Solve Exciting Puzzles

It’s a simple game of mixing objects to produce new elements, and it works well. The goal of the game would be to use dragons’ magical powers to transform the barren terrain into a magical setting. Along the way, you’ll find difficult riddles to solve and statues to return to your camp. When you’ve collected all of the monuments, you can combine them into mystical artifacts to restore the land.

Connecting three of the exact item in the game will improve it, but hitting five of the same item will have a greater effect. If you want to advance your things to their full potential, attempt to match five things wherever possible.

You can accumulate life essence by tapping it, or you can pair it with mana regeneration, which is more beneficial than life force alone. If at all possible, attempt to match life essence to develop healing power – and recollect the 5 over 3 guidelines!

Match with stuff on dead land

 If you wish to fast-cure dead land, you can mix it with objects on it. This is a terrific method to free up extra land in your tent for a lush garden. Try it out to make converting all of that land easier.

Use your dragons

 You can transfer dragons onto objects to use or destroy them. If you place dragons on a life blossom, it will drain life essence from it; you may also employ them to destroy mountains and other horrific things in the videogame. Try it out!

Unlimited everything

How to install And Download

For an easy and safe download follow the following important steps.

  • To download the latest version, first, uninstall the old version from your PC or mobile(if any)
  • Now allow third-party sources to access your android or iOS
  • For a secure download, click on the apk active link, given below
  • You can locate the file of Merge Dragons in the download folder of the system manager
  • Click on the file, to install the game on your system
  • After installation, an icon will appear on the device’s home screen instantly
  • So what are you waiting for? Click and have fun


Some of the most notable advantages of the game are as follows;

  • Different levels to play
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Soothing music sounds
  • Easy to download
  • Free from virus
  • Variety of creatures
  • All features are free


One should avoid downloading and installing Merge Dragons because.

  • A bit bulkier
  • Hangs at some points in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the apk file size of this game?

The apk file size of the game is 143.

Is Merge Dragons free to download?

Yes, this game is free to download.

What is The Latest version of the game?

The latest version of the game is 9.6.2.

Let’s Sum up

Merge Dragons is a puzzle game that has millions of dollars across third-party websites and googles play stores. The game is flooded with unique species of dragons, beautiful scenes, and many other beautiful plants and species. The game is for all ages and is free from adult content.

If you want to spend a fun and exciting time, we highly recommend downloading Merge Dragons.

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