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Westland Survival MOD APK v6.7.0 (Mega Menu, Free Purchase, VIP)

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We are here with a new adventurous game that is so well created and designed that you will be unable to ignore it.

In the Westland Survival MOD APK, you have to fight for your survival as you have to pass the horrible and terrible challenges.

App NameWestland Survival MOD APK
PublisherApk Mod
Size420 MB
Mod infoMega Menu, Free Purchase, VIP


 Due to the gameplay similarities between this game and Last Day on Earth, many claim that it is the latest version of the latter. Since this game is set in Western America, it has vibrant colors instead of terror like LDOE. This is the game for you if you enjoy western themes, riding horses, and shooting it all in sight.

In this game, you will go through a vast globe filled with activities. Make little shelters and buildings as well to defend yourself. Additionally, make use of the things around you, like energy and weaponry, and take pleasure in the fishing and tradespeople. Get access to infinite resources, free shopping, infinite money, as well as other fantastic characteristics in the updated game.

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Westland Survival MOD APK

Basic features

Some of them include:

Realistic and 3 Dimensions graphics

The game has very attractive 3D graphics that are all captivating. The dark theme used in graphics creation makes it more horrible and intense which greatly attracts adventure lovers. But the game has not had enough good graphics as that of PUBG.

Unique music sound system

With every different scene and event such that if you win or lose, the music sound changes. 

With this change of music, your emotions easily change and it gives you a more thrilling and exciting experience.

Multiple Modes

You can play the game with multiple modes. Every mode has its own richness and uniqueness.

Mod information

Mod 1

  • Menu of Mod
  • Speedy travel
  • High durability
  • Free of cost split and crafts
  • God mod
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins
  • latest version
  • Anti-ban
  • Blackmod

Mod 2

  • VIP turned on
  • Every recipe is available.
  • Even if there aren’t enough coins, you can still make free purchases at the store.
  • Free craft in the menu
  • duplicated single-item production
  • They multiply when resources are divided.
  • Free construction and improvements
  • 1 coin’s worth of improvements is made faster.
  • infinite food
  • Activated every event on the world map
  • Instantaneous walking on the world map
  • Free shopping 

Game Story

Criminals, crime lords, traffickers, and even killers find the West to be the perfect place to operate. How are these renegades acting so freely? These perpetrators basically follow Western law conventions. Even just the cops are willing to sell a sensible person for a little cash.

Westland Survival MOD APK


Before attempting to become a proficient cowboy in fierce gunfights, you must first learn how to endure the dangers around you. Access to food and fluid water are the two things you need the most to thrive each day. To make sure the main character is in the greatest possible shape, you must start going about gathering these materials.

Gamers can also trade resources with locals to discover supplies better suited for sustainability. You must be prepared to handle the risks surrounding you in addition to the health issue. To engage in traditional gun battles with other foes. You can even take their goods once you’ve defeated them to use for your own better survival.

Exploration of different tasks

Gamers can discover a broad range of activities in this game Survival. For instance, you can create novel gear and in-demand goods for profit. A fascinating notion is to tame wild creatures, ride horses, or embark on infinite trips. In addition, this game offers players countless various activities to complete in order to earn significant rewards. Generally speaking, there are no set restrictions in this game, so you can do whatever you like. To have fun, it’s also a good idea to challenge other cowboys.

Be friends with wild animals

You will have some companionship if you become friends with wild animals. Even though you’ll be living in the Wilderness and are frequently surrounded by violent forces, Westland Survival’s amazing gameplay allows players to interact with a variety of wild animals, so you won’t feel alone. Having said that, it is possible to domesticate wild animals and retain them as friends or friends. You can even raise your own horses to have some fantastic mounts.

Multiple quests

The. Westland Survival unlimited energy black mod adds a feature that is a quest system that everyone will like in addition to the player’s freedom of experience. On the left side of the screen, when you acquire a task, you may see the objective you must complete. Like in many other games, players will be rewarded for successfully completing missions with money, expertise, and occasionally even things.

Victory against enemy

With Survival, you may immerse yourself in the world of an MMORPG due to its relatively straightforward gaming style. To advance in the game, you must control the character and finish the missions. There are many things to learn in this game, but there is also a world full of dangers that you must overcome. In the game’s real-time combat system, you will face off against opponents brandishing guns or melee weapons. If you’re up against a large squad, you can focus on each goal separately.

When the target information is orientated including their health level, is revealed, enabling you to use weaponry to crush them all. You also have some tools at your disposal to raise the stats of your character. The factors in this game are another aspect to which you should pay close attention. To get resources, you’ll have to interact with the environment. You have the chance to open the containers, for instance, and find a range of tools and materials inside. In addition, it can be employed as a tool for resource extraction, such as when cutting down trees.

How to download it Westland Survival MOD APK?

Follow the following steps to download the 1.6 0 versions of Wasteland Survival MOD APK  on your Android 1 or PC in 2022.


Click on the download link. With this, your download will be started. Wait for it until the download gets finished.


Now close this tab and open your android settings. There allow unknown sources to access your computer.


After allowing unknown sources to access, open the file manager where you can find a file for your download. After clicking on your installation. The process will start.


Once the installation process is completed open your main screen, there you will find an icon for the game. So click on that and start playing the Westland Survival apk mod. watch below the video

YouTube video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of Westeland Game?

The size of the game is 420MB.

Who is the publisher of Westeland Game ?

The publisher of the game is Helio games.


The Westeland Survival Android 1 is a very interesting and appealing game. The game is fully enriched with challenges and adventures. 

We will recommend you download the game from the given link and take yourself to a new world of fascination and adventures.


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